DBRE - Installation guide

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Table of contens:

1. On *nix systems
2. On MS Windows system

On *nix systems

For building the executable file in your system there must be:
1. C++ compiler supporting tr1 (eg gcc 4.x) or the presence of libraries
2. Client libraries you need RDBMS (eg fbclient.so, mysqlclient.so)
To build using standard utility automake. Navigate to the directory dbre and type:
./configure --with-fb
./configure --with-mysql
You can also build DBRE with supports both database by typing:
./configure --with-fb --with-mysql
Once the script configure, type:
Then, after the build:
sudo make install
To install to the system.

On MS Windows system

In the distribution [current_release]-win.zip in the release directory are executable files for win32. For their work, you need to place them next to the appropriate client libraries: fbclient.dll, libmysql.dll.

For the self-assembly, we recommend using
MS Visual C++ 2008. In the src directory you will find a ready project dbre.vcproj which can be compiled with options (preprocessor directives), as described in the section for *nix.